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Quality and sustainable pieces of jewelry that connect to your heart.

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We design and create pieces with ethically sourced materials.

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Earthy necklace
Description: This necklace is a 71 cm /28 inches. hand-knotted cord, featuring a 9 to10mm Tahitian pearl. A very resistant, waterproof, and earthy looking piece of jewelry with a gold filled detail on its adjustable closure.  According to history and the myths, these...
Mermaid gifts
Description: 43 cm silver chain (18k Gold plate) with adjustable Ball Slider and a dainty 6mm Keshi pearl dangle.  Note: Keshi is a Japanese word also meaning poppy (seed), and it is used to name all those pearls that grew naturally...
Tahitian Studs
Description:  Solid 925 Silver Stud lever back earrings with 8 mm cultured Tahitian pearls, quality grade AAA.    The main body color of these pearls is silver grey with darker or green overtones and an excellent luster; Tahitian pearls are parented...
  Description:  9mm AB Semi-round Tahitian Pearl. The cord is a metallic (gold and silver) hand-knotted macrame thread, available in different colors.   This is a delicate looking yet resistant macrame and adjustable handmade necklace that suggests a rainbow surrounding a 9mm...
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