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If quality is timeless, so is Arethé Collections.

We guarantee the use of natural gems providing your piece with a certificate of origin and authenticity. 

Chiefly, we use baroque and circled pearls; they can be irregular in shape and are distinguished by their distinct character so don’t expect two identical pearls; because of their nature, every piece is singular and different.

We hope you enjoy the Simple, unique, and wearable pieces we make for you.


Nature is our genuine source of beauty and we make our contribution to keep its balance by using ethically sourced materials. 

Our pearls are brought directly from family farms in French Polynesia and they are carefully handcrafted for the minimalist and nature lover in you. 

At Arethé Collections, we promote the Lean and Keen philosophy (as opposed to the lean and mean approach) by reducing waste in our production processes, supporting fair trade, and keeping our work up with enthusiasm.


Connection to someone's heart on an emotional level is something we aspire towards with every knot.

At Arethé Collections, we are proud to support artisans around the world as well as keeping ancient jewelry-making techniques alive.

Jewelry is a very personal item, its creation process and its meaning to you is the most valuable to use.

We wish you wear our designs as much as we love creating them for you.

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