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Tahitian pearls are cultivated in the French Polynesian lagoons and are considered the world’s most exotic pearls.

Though they are traditionally known as black pearls, their color can range from a metallic silver, to the color of graphite with greenish and purplish overtones.

They are organic gems that grow from the black-lipped oyster called Pinctada marga ritifera, and they were once so rare that they were considered the ‘Pearl of Queens’.

At Arethé Collections, we source our pearls from family farms in Tahiti and smaller islands in the French Polynesia.


Macrame is a very resistant form of textile produced by using knotting techniques. It traveled from its Arabic origins to Spain in the 8th century with the moors conquer, and as a result it spread throughout the rest of Europe and later to the Caribbean countries and North America.

In recent history, it became most popular in the 19th century in the UK, where most Victorian homes were adorned by this craft. Though the craze for macrame faded, it regained popularity during the 1970’s as a means to make wall hangings, articles of clothing, plant hangers and other furnishings.

At Arethé Collections we love this ancient technique combined with our quality gems, adding to it a modern and contemporary twist to it with our minimalist designs.


Some pieces may contain European or Australian leather, bronze, Sterling Silver 925, Gold Vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver), and other components with 12-18k gold coatings.

***All of our pieces of jewelry are nickel free.

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